[:en]Come on Wenchuan!Come on China![:zh]加油,汶川!加油,中国!










[:en]Recently, my beloved China has been suffered a lot. I’m living so far away from my homeland, what I can do is only to pray for China.

The first time I saw the pictures of ruins under which lying the students only around 10 years, I sighed:”How fragile a life is!”. There is TV news reports reporting the situations now in the earthquake area. I saw our Prime Minister weeping, I couldn’t help to cry out. The lively lives just have gone like this, thousands of people lost their family. A friend wrote in his blog:

A soldier said: Last night, a female teacher’s body was digged out, but was crushed apart, under her arm, there were 3 students she wanted to protect. Someone who knows her said she was only 21 years old, she just graduate and started her work about half an year. What a great teacher!

21 years old, the age that I was happy and full of joy . She should have enjoyed the beautiful time of her life. But just after the earthquake, the voice of reading is gone, the laughing voice of the students is gone, the world seems just went back to thousands of years ago, so quite, no lives. Why, why it is so unfair! They don’t deserve it, the children don’t deserve it!

2008, should be the year that all Chinese will cheer for, however our motherland has been suffered so much.

The big snow couldn’t cool down our warm hearts;
The lies couldn’t cover our patriotic hearts;
The terrorists couldn’t stop us fighting;
The virus couldn’t affect our firm heats;
The off-tracked train couldn’t change the track of our help;
The teared land couldn’t tear up our national unity!

No mater how hard it is, I believe all Chinese people will last it together. I will always stay with all Chinese people though I’m living far way.

Come Wenchuan! Come China!

Lighting up a candle for the victims; holding my thumb for the people who are still struggling with death…

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