[:en]Mourn for the Victims, Please Change the Color of Your Sites[:zh]全国哀悼日,请更改博客主题颜色

[:zh]从今天起21号, 全国哀悼日,请将您的博客主题改成灰色,着素装出行,QQ,MSN等IM工具改隐身灰色头像登录,为5万受难者深切哀悼。



全国 哀悼日,同样是全国人民的壮行日,中华民族永远是不屈不挠的民族,灾难吓不倒我们,我们反而会更加坚强!

[:en]From today to 21st, it is the Mourn Day for the victims of the earthquake. Please dress only black or dark colors, change the color of your sites to Gray, log in you QQ, MSN and other IM clients as hide, no color at all, to mourn the 50,000 victims.

At 14:28, May, 19, 2008, if you are driving, please stop, if you are walking, please stop, if you are sitting please stand up, keep silence for 3 minutes to honour the victims.

The FLAGS are to be kept at half-mast and all public amusements will be suspended for three days as well as the Olympic torch relay.

Disaster will never stop Chinese people fighting, instead, it will make us stronger.

God bless China!

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