2008 Till Sjöss – Chalmers Kammarkör – 09 – A Bay in Anglesey

[:zh]钢琴伴奏:Are Wallin (B1) ,一向默默不作声的他钢琴弹得这么好。
独唱:Sara Sjöberg (S1),她本身是长笛也吹得非常好,又是医学院的博士。她对音高和和声掌握得很好,一点点偏差她都能听得出来,得好好向她学习了。


[:en]Piano: Are Wallin (B1), he is so quiet every day, I’ve never known that he can play the piano very well.

Solo: Sara Sjöberg (S1), she plays flute too and she is a doctor in the medical department. She can control her voice very well, always leads the right tone.


The sleepy sound of a tea-time tide
Slaps at the rocks the sun has dried,
Too lazy, almost, to sink and lift
Round low peninsulas pink with thrift.
The water, enlarging shells and sand,
Grows greener emerald out from land

And brown over shadowy shelves below
The waving forests of seaweed show.

Here at my feet in the short cliff grass
Are shells, dried bladderwrack, broken glass,

Pale blue squills and yellow rock roses.
The next low ridge that we climb discloses

One more field for the sheep to graze
While, scarcely seen on this hottest of days,

Far to the eastward, over there,
Snowdon rises in pearl-grey air.

Multiple lark-song, whispering bents,
The thymy, turfy and salty scents

And filling in, brimming in, sparkling and free
The sweet susurration of incoming sea.

[:en]Please enjoy…


[audio:tillsjoss/KK_V2008-09_A_Bay_in_Anglesey.mp3|titles=A Bay in Anglesey|artists=Chalmers Kammarkör]

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