2008 Till Sjöss – Chalmers Kammarkör – 10 – Att Angora En Brygga



[:en]This is a serenade song that girls sing to boys. It was sung by for girls, how lovely!

Talking about serenade, I recalled the news that I saw during the earthquake, those about couples, wives and husbands, the moving love stories. After a girl was rescued, a reporter asked her boyfriend:”How would you think about your future after this time?” He said:”Our whole lives!”  They suffered from this disaster together and sure that they will have a happy life no matter how tough it will be. God bless them!

Please listen…

[audio:http://dfeijy.info/media/tillsjoss/KK_V2008-10_Att_angora_en_brygga.mp3|titles=Att Angora En Brygga|artists=Chalmers Kammarkör]

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