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[:zh]新博客测试中[:en]New Blog under Testing

[:zh]博客刚刚启用,这两天只是把以前的文章转过来,工程量还是比较大滴。有什么意见和建议欢迎给我留言。语言版本的翻译也在进行中,如果在浏览过程中有什么错误出现,也不要忘了告诉我噢! 哥德堡第575天晚于家中 [:en]This is my new blog, I’m transferring former blog posts here, it will take a few days. It’s really a large project. Different translations are in process. Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments if you have found any inconvenience or bugs. 575 Days in Gothenburg, night, home

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