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2008 Till Sjöss – Chalmers Kammarkör – 09 – A Bay in Anglesey

[:zh]钢琴伴奏:Are Wallin (B1) ,一向默默不作声的他钢琴弹得这么好。 独唱:Sara Sjöberg (S1),她本身是长笛也吹得非常好,又是医学院的博士。她对音高和和声掌握得很好,一点点偏差她都能听得出来,得好好向她学习了。 歌词如下: [:en]Piano: Are Wallin (B1), he is so quiet every day, I’ve never known that he can play the piano very well. Solo: Sara Sjöberg (S1), she plays flute too and she is a doctor in the medical department. She can control her voice very well, always leads […]

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