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[:zh]用博客赚钱[:en]Earn Money from Your Blog

[:zh]做博客这么久了,刚在浏览里加了 Google Page Rank 的插件,看到自己的博客 PR 竟然也有3了,虽然没怎么注意 SEO,还是有一点点惊喜的。

既然 PR 都到3个,有没有什么办法可以从中收点益呢?想过放 Google 的广告,但是放了一年了还没一分收入。今天无意中看到了 Ask2Link ,用的流行的“卖链接”的方式,也是博客营销的一种方式。反正注册又不要钱,就注册了一个。

[:en]I have had this blog for a long time. Today, I noticed that my Google Page Rank is 3 now!! How exciting! I haven’t used SEO so much, I’m realy impressed.

So, my blog’s PR is 3 now ,why not find some way to earn some money from it, I’m a poor student, I need to afford Host and Domain. I’ve been using Google Adsense, but I haven’t gotten anything from it. Today, I found a link selling web Ask2Link , that you can sell your blog link there. It’s free to register, so why not!

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[:en]Just Set Up A New Blog for the Event in Gothenburg[:zh]哥德堡支援奥运博客建立

[:en]A new blog for supporting the Olympics is set up. The events in 26th, April will be reported there, please check it out on your own interetes. Please join us, let’s cheer for the Olympics, cheer for China! [:zh]哥德堡支援奥运博客,将陆续报道26日宣传活动,以及瑞典爱国华人的一切举动,欢迎关注! 大家一起行动起来,为奥运加油,为祖国加油!

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[:en]China Red[:en]一片中国红

[:en]China stand up! Chinese stand up!

We must stand up to give our voice to the world, thanks to CNN,BBC all the liar western Media. Their behavior have educated a whole generation of young Chinese.

We must guard the Olympic torch,the symbol of Peace and Friendship!





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